In this epic conclusion to the 4-part ‘How to Focus in Prayer’ series, we’re blessed to have SIX special guests in this bonus episode, packed full of so many valuable gems you could be tweeting them all week!

Episode 1 covered tips on what to do before the prayer to help with focus/khushoo’. Episode 2 focused on tips for during the prayer, while episode 3 covered what we can do after the prayer. In this bonus episode, our wonderful guests provide some solid tips for specific types of Muslims and their situations – a rather unique approach to Khushoo’.

The Muslims that this episode’s tips are aimed towards are:

  • Entrepreneurs / 9-5 workers / or anyone with crazy schedules
  • New Muslims
  • Teenage Muslims
  • Muslims parents (especially the mammas!)

Why so specific? Well, each live different lifestyles, and therefore are subject to different types of distractions and difficulties which may affect their ability to focus in prayer.

Even if you don’t belong to one of these categories, you’re most definitely going to pick up several great tips in this episode – InshaAllah.

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