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The Deenspiration podcast is your on-the-go source of tips, tricks and tools for your Deen. Fun, energetic and passionate podcast host, Usman, brings on a number of influential guests from around the world to provide you with highly practical, valuable content.

From inspirational spiritual pick-me-ups to practical how-to’s, the podcast covers a range of topics in Islam to aid the listener on their journey to worshiping better and developing a closer relationship with their Lord.

Many a time we are told what to do or not to do, but not many people give us the HOW. In this podcast show, we aim to provide practical, actionable tips on HOW to worship better. You’re sure to pick up a tonne of great tips and become spiritually uplifted while you’re at it – InshaAllah!

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Words from happy listeners

" Deenspiration is a great podcast to listen to while on your way to work, school, etc. Topics are super relevant and easy to relate to, like how to focus in each part of the prayer, as well as health and fitness. Guest speakers also add to the greatness! Check it out!"

DinaA1J (USA)

iTunes Review

"Amazing podcasts to help with deen. The podcasts provide tips and tricks that are easy to implement into your daily routine and that can have such a positive impact on your spirituality! Keep up the great work!"

Destiny50321 (USA)

iTunes Review

"Just what I needed for a Deen boost. Pure realistic tips for preparing for salah and how even the prep before salah affects the khushoo in prayer. Looking forward to the next podcasts coming up... Jzk"

Ssad01 (UK)

iTunes Review

"MashaAllah amazing and informative!"


iTunes Review

"Mashalah !! This is what i need! Jazkallah khayran for this ! May allah reward you inshalah and may he support you in your future work !"

Ibrahim Kraria (UK)

iTunes Review

"Great podcast by an excellent host. Really enjoying the guests and conversations. Very beneficial subhanAllah."

Fo Cho (UK)

iTunes Review

"Love this podcast! <3 MashAllah! Highly recommend this podcast - Deen inspiring content & amazing guests."

Fuzzam (UK)

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