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Shukr Clothing – Premier Online Islamic Fashion Store

Islamic Clothing and Fashion Products

SHUKR Islamic Clothing is the premier destination for contemporary Islamic fashion. Crafted from high-quality natural fabrics, their loose and comfortably fitted styles are designed to be your ultimate go-to pieces. SHUKR is proud to be able to serve people all over the world without having to sacrifice style and beauty for modesty.
To see more exclusive designs, awesome Islamic Products and to learn about their ethical standards and Islamic Business practices,click the image above.
Soon you’ll be rocking some fantastic abayas, thobes/jubbas and maybe even a stylish hijab or kufi!


All In One Book Set for the ‘Understand Quran 50%’ Vocabulary Course

Quran Vocabulary

This is the popular 50% of the Quran vocabulary course by Understand Quran Academy.

This particular bundle also comes with the following amazing extras:

Book, DVD, Poster, Vocabulary Card, Bookmark & Bag

So, you want to understand the Quran, but you are ‘too busy’? Or you think the Quran is difficult to learn? Then this is the perfect course for you.

This is their most popular course which is being offered to thousands of brothers, sisters and children both online and in person from UK to USA, Canada, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the Far East. They have students from all over the world.

And how cool is this? You can learn 50% of the Quran from just 9 hours of online material!

You will study 9 hours in total, divided over 19 sessions in which you will learn 125 words that occur in the Quran 40,000 times (out of a total of approx. 78,000 words). That comes to 50%!

Course Benefits:

The Key Formula to prioritize all your Quran activities!
Effective, Research-Based Approach; to ensure the most fast way for you to learn.
Included ‘how to’ lessons; interact, imagine, feel and how to recite the Quran;
Revolutionary Technique for learning grammar; TPI (Total Physical Interaction);
All possible learning materials provided: from videos, mp3, PowerPoint files, Textbook, Workbook, to email reminders, special quizzes and a final exam.

Watcha waiting for? Click on the image above and enrol now!

Want to take the Quran 70% vocabulary course instead? Epic! CLICK HERE!

Getting The Barakah: An Islamic Guide To Time Management

by Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar

Islamic Time Management

Procrastination, not getting enough done, schedule all over the place, frustrated from missing deadlines and getting nowhere…

Sounds familiar, right? Then this eBook is for you!

Through this e-book, you will: 

– Learn a 6 step process for effective time management 

– Learn how to gain Barakah in your time

– Discover dozens of effective and tested Time Management Tips

– Understand the importence of time management in Islam

– Discover practical examples of time management in action

“There aren’t many books in English aimed at helping Muslims with time management. Getting The Barakah changes that… this book is highly recommended for any Muslim who is looking for a way to improve his/her time management skill and to live a more fulfilling life.” – Shamsiyyah, The Ideal Muslimah

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