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EP 4: How To Focus in Prayer (Part 4) – BONUS Episode feat. Belal Khan, Mohammed Faris, Ismail Kamdar, Omar Usman, Abdul Azeem Climie and Sumaira Zaheer

In this epic conclusion to the 4-part ‘How to Focus in Prayer’ series, we’re blessed to have SIX special guests in this bonus episode, packed full of so many valuable gems you could be tweeting them all week! Episode 1 covered tips on what to do before the prayer to help with focus/khushoo’. Episode 2 focused on tips for during the prayer, while episode 3 covered what we can do after the prayer. In this bonus episode, our wonderful guests provide some solid tips for specific types of Muslims and their situations – a rather unique approach to Khushoo’....

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EP 3: How To Focus in Prayer (Part 3) – After The Prayer (feat. Majed Mahmoud)

  In this episode, part 3 of 4 from the Khushoo series, Usman speaks to Ustadh Majed Mahmoud to discuss some ways in which we can maximise our Khushoo’ and connection to Allah (swt) once the prayer has ended, including the importance of Du’a and Dhikr. Get The Podcast On Your Phone Did you enjoy this episode? Click below to subscribe to the podcast show for free on your smartphone via iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher, and be sure not to miss out on a single episode....

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EP 2: How To Focus In Prayer (Part 2) – During The Prayer (Feat. Sohaib Saeed, Zakia Usmani, Moutasem Al-Hameedy & Omar Esa)

This is episode 2 of a 4-part series, based on the free ‘30 Top Tips For Attaining Khushoo’ in Prayer’ downloadable eBook, and covers some top tips on what to do During the Prayer in order to attain more focus and tranquility. Joining podcast host, Usman, in this episode are 4 wonderful guests who also featured their Khushoo’ tips within the eBook: Shaykh Sohaib Saeed (Quranica) Ustadha Zakia Usmani (Believer’s Path) Moutasem Al-Hameedy (Rashidoon) Omar Esa (Nasheed Artist) This episode is full of inspiring and valuable content that will help you improve the quality of your prayer, InshaAllah. What you’ll learn...

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EP 1: How to Focus in Prayer (Part 1) – Before The Prayer (feat. Mifrah Mahroof and Halimah El – Kurghali)

  In this episode of the Deenspiration podcast, Usman covers some easy tips and tricks on what to do before the prayer begins in order to attain Khushoo’. It’s all about the preparation for the ultimate performance, and standing before Allah – the Lord of the Worlds – on the most honourable stage that is the prayer. From a surprising fact about Wudu, to guest tips from Mifrah Mahroof (Muslim Life Hackers) and Halimah El-Kurghali (Quran Rehab), this fun and engaging episode is the first of 4 in the #KhushooTips series. You can also listen to this episode on...

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