Our Relationship with Allah (swt)

By far the most important love, the deepest connection and the most protected relationship in our lives should be that between us and our Lord – Allah (swt).

As Muslims, the very foundation of our belief is that Allah (swt) – our God – is One. He created us, He has sustained us, He has control over every aspect of our life, and one day, to Him we will return. As Muslims created by Allah (swt), our purpose is to worship Him.

However, there are times in life when inevitably our thoughts about Allah (swt), our trust in Him and our hope in His love can all be a little bit shaky. Whether we experience trauma, neglect our worship, or feel too overburdened by our sins, it’s natural to feel that maybe Allah (swt) doesn’t love us as much anymore, or that we are undeserving of His blessings.

For some of us, the only relationship we have with Allah (swt) is that of a servant who must worship and stay away from lots of fun things, “or else! Jahannam!”. With this mindset, however, we lose sight of just how great Allah’s (swt) love for us truly is, and His desire to draw us nearer to Him.

To further discuss our relationship with Allah (swt) and His deep love for us, we’re joined in this episode by sister Youssra Kamel Kandil. If you’re active on social media, it’s most likely you will have seen some of Youssra’s heartwarming and inspiring reminders – some of which have gone viral and amassed millions of views.

Just like in her reminders, this podcast is filled with some really important reminders and practical tips on how we can become closer to our Lord and strengthen our faith.



  • About sister Youssra and what she does.
  • How does Allah describe His relationship with His servants in the Quran / Hadith?
  • Why is it important for us to feel a love and connection with Allah?
  • The incorrect mindset many Muslims have towards worship.
  • A beautiful Hadith Qudsi (words of Allah via a hadith) regarding what Allah (swt) says to Angel Jibreel (as) when He loves someone.
  • The difference between the love of creation for one another, and the love Allah (swt) has for His creation.
  • Tips for people who feel hopeless and think that Allah does not love them?
  • Advice for those who say “How can Allah love me? I am going through so many problems in life! Clearly He hates me!” or that “my sins are far too much, Allah will never forgive me!”
  • What are some signs that Allah loves a person? Is there anything that a Muslim can do to gauge how much Allah loves them?
  • The mentality of the Sahabah (ra) with regards to gauging their status in the eyes of Allah (swt).
  • What can someone do on a daily basis to obtain Allah’s love?
  • The ‘golden rule’ you must always revert back to when life isn’t going so well.
  • A deeper look into the name of Allah (swt): Al-Wadood – The Affectionate, The Most-Loving.

Today’s Ayah of the Day

“And be patient, [O Muhammad], for the decision of your Lord, for indeed, you are in Our eyes. And exalt [ Allah ] with praise of your Lord when you arise.” [52:48]

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About sister Youssra

Sister Youssra is a homeschooling mother of three children, originally from Egypt and living in the US.

She spent time studying Islam with various teachers, and now does her best to share the knowledge she has learnt with others.

Youssra is active on social media and regularly shares personal reflections and uplifting reminders on a variety of topics in Islam. Her warm personality and relatable storytelling style has garnered her millions of views from Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

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