The Deenspiration Team

The authors of the Deenspiration project are not, nor do they claim to be scholars, people of knowledge, qualification or have any religious authority over others. During the production of content for this website and the Deenspiration podcast, in some cases, scholars / people of knowledge have been consulted and/or have personally participated in delivering or proof-reading the content.

It is for these reasons that we kindly ask all of our beloved readers and listeners to be aware that the authors of the Deenspiration project cannot accept or answer any questions relating to halal or haraam issues – fiqh, Shari’ah, Hadith etc. We strongly recommend that those with questions of such nature consult a local Imam or scholar to solve their needs.

Deenspiration is here to provide an inspiring and spiritually uplifting experience, with practical and effective tips, tools, and advice to help you better your worship and relationship with Allah SWT.

Guests on the podcast show

The guests who feature on the Deenspiration Podcast Show – be they teachers, speakers, experts, Shayukh, etc. – have been selected to appear on the show for their knowledge and expertise on the topics that are covered. 

Under no circumstances will Deenspiration promote or show any bias towards a particular group / sect / school of thought in Islam.

The Deenspiration team remain independent from any guest speaker and their own personal opinions / views, and works to promote a healthy, balanced approach to the beautiful Deen of Islam.

Any issues concerning something which a guest mentioned on a show should be discussed with them personally.

For any queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us below:

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