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The Deenspiration Podcast Show features several episodes, each with different topics and/or guests, and include a lot of useful information and resources for listeners to benefit from. These episodes can be heard through iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, or other audio podcasting apps.

During the episodes, the presenter, Usman, usually refers to the 'Show Notes' and asks listeners to visit these pages for more info.

These episode show notes include a summary of what happened on the show, info about the guest, and any important links / resources that were mentioned. These are also the perfect place to leave any comments and feedback about each episode.

The episodes can also be listened to directly from these show notes pages through the audio player.

EP 15: Intention Hacking – Turn Everyday Actions Into Worship

As Muslims, whenever we perform an act of worship, we always check to ensure our intentions are pure so that we can attain the most rewards from Allah. But what about our everyday mundane activities such as eating, sleeping, or working? Can those be considered as an act of worship too? The answer is YES, and this is how you ‘hack’ your intentions to do it.

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