Reflecting Upon the Deeper Meanings of the Blessed Month

Learn about Shahbaz Mirza’s most transformational Ramadan experience

In this inspiring episode of ‘Heart 2 Heart’, we’re joined by Shahbaz Mirza – founder and CEO of the brilliant Ramadan Legacy brand.

After experiencing an incredibly transformational Ramadan a few years ago, Shahbaz set out on a mission to help Muslims  experience the best Ramadan of their lives year in, year out. Bringing together a talented team of like-hearted individuals, Shahbaz lead the development of the Ramadan Legacy App which brought a helpful ‘Ramadan Companion’ into the pocket of hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the globe.


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Shahbaz’s best Ramadan experience ever and how it changed his life
  • The immense rewards associated with fasting
  • How Ramadan reconnects us with Allah
  • The question Shahbaz asked himself before experiencing his best Ramadan ever
  • How to carry the Barakah of Ramadan throughout the rest of the year

Prefer Audio Only? Listen Below:

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Shahbaz Mirza

Shahbaz Mirza

Founder & CEO - Ramadan Legacy

Currently, I work as a Strategy Consultant for high growth innovative startups, government initiatives and multinational corporations.

As a Chartered Accountant who began his career with PwC, I have worked extensively across multi-industry corporate UK and US companies in the fields of business operations, financial modelling and business strategy.

My specialties and interests lie in: start-ups, innovative projects, branding, creative communities, social impact organisations, faith led initiatives and leadership development.

I am a former international athlete (Commonwealth Gold Medallist and British Champion) in the sport of Karate and strive to pack a mean punch with respect to any role I undertake.