Ep 49: Supercharge Your Spirituality with a Morning & Evening Routine – Shahbaz Mirza (Towards Faith)

Discover How the New Faith & Focus Morning and Evening Journal Can Supercharge Your Spiritual Productivity

Shahbaz Mirza, founder of Towards Faith (formerly Ramadan Legacy), joins us for a third time on the show to share details of the new Faith & Focus Morning and Evening Journal – a daily system for being and doing.

In this episode, Shahbaz and Usman catch up on the latest developments within the Towards Faith brand, and dive deep into the world or productivity, daily routines, and how strugglers and seekers can best utilise their time for maximum spiritual self-development.

With an overwhelming amount of self-help content on the internet and every guru pointing you towards their latest productivity hack, one glaring issue is that most of these are not centred around God and a faith-based mindset. Sure, they may be useful for planning your day and motivating you to check off the tasks on your to-do list, but where does your daily worship fit into this? What about your five prayers, your Qur’an recitation, your dhikr (remembrance), your personal character building, your intentions, and other spiritual activities? Between the morning yoga and the mid-day greens smoothie, do these mainstream methods provide any real systems for incorporating Islam into your day and improving your relationship with Allah?

That’s exactly what we discuss in this episode, and explore how this new product has been designed to be a simple, yet powerful tool for busy Muslims who want to be more, whilst doing more at the same time.

Stay tuned until the last portion of the episode to watch Shahbaz and Usman spontaneously play the Reflection Deck game together. Things get very deep!


  • A brief overview of Shahbaz’s journey from creating Ramadan Legacy, to rebranding into Towards Faith.
  • Why does Towards Faith exist, and who does it serve?
  • Did Shahbaz feel a spiritual void whilst working in the corporate world, and did this inspire the creation of the Faith & Focus journal?
  • The difference between learning Islamic educations vs implementing the knowledge into your own life.
  • What’s the deal with morning and evening routines, and why are they important?
  • The problem with mainstream ‘hustle’ culture and its lack of a faith-based mindset.
  • What does Allah SWT say about the morning and the evening in the Qur’an, and why is this significant for our own lives?
  • What triggered the creation of the Faith & Focus journal, and how does its system work?
  • How the Prophet (s), the Companions (r) and the greatest Muslim inventors used Islam to enhance and speed up their work, not slow it down.
  • A step-by-step journey through the Faith & Focus journal (goal setting, planning, gratitude journaling, and more).
  • How the journal and its various daily prompts are designed to set you up for success and make you a better Muslim, practically and spiritually.
  • And a fun round of playing the Reflection Deck game.

The Faith & Focus Daily Morning & Evening Journal

Live Each Day With Spirituality, Success & Structure

Live Each Day With Spirituality, Success & Structure

Faith & Focus is a 90-day Journal, that helps you to consciously connect to Allah and your goals. Use it everyday to overcome overwhelm and distractions and feel spiritually complete at the end of each day. Inspired by the morning & evening principle in the Qur’an and modern psychology.

​End The Cycle Of Feeling Spiritually Incomplete & Consistently Improve Your Faith & Daily Success

The Faith & Focus Journal is a daily system that helps you gradually improve your spirituality and daily success, so you can live each moment with peace, purpose and productivity.

Improve Spirituality & Success: The Faith & Focus Daily Journal is so simple to use. It brings clarity, structure and composure to your day.
Built For Busy People: Because you are busy you need a tool to centre your life. Use it for 5 minute a day, twice a day, and witness the miracles.
Gradual Guaranteed Progress: You can be at the start of your faith journey or further along. Your daily pages are tailored to you.

Shahbaz Mirza

About Shahbaz Mirza

For the past 10-years Shahbaz has risen to the top of his career in the field of strategy consulting, business change and transformation, whilst also studying Islam intensely and gaining multiple diplomas from Cambridge Islamic College and iSyllabus UK. His expertise is studying and synthesising authentic and deep traditional knowledge into simple tools and frameworks for Muslims to easily implement into their day to day lives.

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