Good Intentions, Guilty Feelings & Numerous Rewards

This week’s episode is one that we’re sure so many of us can relate to.

Have you ever felt sad, frustrated or hopeless when you’re unable to do as many good deeds as you’d like to? Maybe you think that you’re not a good enough Muslim for Allah to love you, or for you to attain Paradise?

For many of us, this thought often remains at the back of our minds, and as time goes on we become more and more frustrated that we simply aren’t doing as much as we’re “supposed to” with regards to our worship.

Without doubt, performing numerous good deeds in our lifetime is a goal that all Muslims should aim for. And yes, some deeds merit greater rewards and blessings than others, and of those, the Prophet (pbuh) did specify a number in order to attain those rewards. Striving for Allah’s sake is, after all, a foundation of our Deen

However, by convincing ourselves that our worship – in the eyes of Allah – is measured only by its quantity, we are doing ourselves a great disservice. In fact, this is a misunderstanding on our part.

We bypass the fact that Allah (swt) looks at our intentions and sincerest efforts, even if those intentions weren’t able to flourish into great actions. We forget the numerous examples in the Quran and Sunnah which points to actions which, in our eyes may seem small, but were rewarded multi-fold by Allah (swt).

We forget that the great companion Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas (ra), simply because he forgave everyone and removed any ounce of resentment towards others in his heart before sleeping every night.

We forget the prostitute who was forgiven by Allah (swt) because she gave water to a thirsty dog.

As numerous as these examples may be we still remain guilty that, for whatever genuine reason, we cannot perform a good deeds that we planned to do. It really pulls down our spirits, and for some of us who remain busy around the clock, it becomes inevitable that we give up completely.

What Worship Looks Like

This week’s podcast episode was inspired by the following Facebook status by Ustadha Maryam Amir.

what being close to Allah looks like maryam amir

Maryam Amir shares with us what being close to Allah truly looks like

This status really hits home, and draws our attention to the fact that even our mundane, everyday duties can earn us an incredible amount of rewards.

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Quality Over Quantity

During this episode, we also share a heartfelt blog post written by sister Amsal Rahim, in which she describes her deep sense if remorse after being unable to worship as she’d intended during her stay in Madinah, in Ramadan.

After narrated her experience and sharing an honest reflection, Amsal concluded by beautifully reminding us that no deed is overlooked by Allah (swt), even the smallest ones.

Also in This Episode

During this week’s show we also shared stories submitted by you – our listeners – on our Instagram Page.

These stories show us that we all struggle to keep up, and we all want to do more for Allah (swt).

Today’s Ayah of the Day – Chapter 64, verse 16

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