For the Seekers – Episode 1

Welcome to a brand new series here on Deenspiration called ‘For the Seekers’ – a 20-part YouTube series in which we share practical tips, advice and motivation to help you succeed spiritually,  academically, at work and beyond.

Featuring a range of influential Muslim students, young professionals, community leaders and entrepreneurs, each clip shares ways for you to self develop, grow as a leader and succeed at life without compromising your faith.

‘Intention Hacking’

In this week’s episode, Deenspiration founder Usman shares a mindset tool called ‘Intention Hacking’ – a way to turn even the most mundane daily actions into a form of ‘ibaadah (worship) that is rewarded by Allah (swt).


What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of intentions in Islam
  • The mindset most of us usually adopt while studying at University or working
  • What intention hacking is
  • Practical examples of how to use it daily

For the Seekers is a new weekly video series on Deenspiration aimed at students, young professionals and all seekers of spiritual, academic and work-life success. Each video contains valuable tips, advice and self-development techniques by a range of influential Muslims.

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