There’s a phrase that is common among many Muslims – one that you’ve probably heard or perhaps even thought of yourself – that when said, is in fact reflective of a lazy and detrimental attitude towards one’s Deen.

That phrase is,

“But… it’s only a Sunnah!”

Does that sound familiar?

A Sunnah (as we know it) can generally be translated as the ‘way of the Prophet’ (pbuh) – i.e. what he did, how he worshiped and how he lived his life.

In Islam, we know that following the example of the Prophet (pbuh) carries tremendous rewards and brings us closer to Allah (swt) and His Messenger (pbuh).

But here’s where some of us have developed a lazy attitude towards our beautiful Deen.

A Sunnah act, technically speaking, isn’t obligatory (Fardh) and so if left out, it doesn’t invalidate your primary obligatory acts of worship (e.g. the 5 daily prayers).

So, if it’s not obligatory, do we even need to do it? What’s the point? It’s only a Sunnah, right?!

In his latest video from the ‘Good Life’ series, Shaykh Amer Jamil shares with us the importance of trying our best to emulate the Prophet (pbuh) in every way, and the problematic nature behind this common phrase.

What do you think?

What’s your favourite Sunnah, and what tips can you provide for ensuring that others don’t miss out on attaining all of the incredible rewards associated with performing it?

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