In this episode, Shaykh Suleiman Hani joins us on the Deenspiration Podcast Show to discuss some ways in which we can prepare for the blessed month of Ramadan.


The Blessed Month is approaching. Some of us are excited, while others are scared. Scared of not reaching our potential.

The fact of the matter is, unless we put pen on paper (or fingers on keyboard) and make a solid Ramadan plan, we’re most likely going to go off the tracks and fail to meet our goals this year… AGAIN… and then feel upset and regretful… AGAIN.

We need a plan, a strategy, a solid framework, as well as some motivation to prepare us. And this is exactly what Shaykh Suleiman has prepared in collaboration with Ramadan Legacy.

If the following sounds just like you, then you should definitely check out the Meaningful Ramadan.

– you know you have to prepare for Ramadan but you’re feeling overwhelmed

– you’re unable to set tangible goals for Ramadan

– you lack of confidence when entering Ramadan each year

– you’re unfulfilled during and after Ramadan

– and you’re regretful for not making the most of Ramadan

Sound familiar?

If you’re ready to make a solid change this year & work towards experiencing your best Ramadan yet, kick-start your journey by clicking the button below.

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