EP 23: Life, Leadership & Purpose – feat. Zara Mohammed

Muslim Women. Breaking Barriers. Changing Perspectives.

How does a young Muslim woman from Scotland end up as the leader of over 100,000 Muslim students?

In this inspiring episode of ‘Heart 2 Heart’, we’re joined by the wonderful Zara Mohammed – a leader and role model who’s passionate about empowering young voices and supporting women in her community.

In 2016, Zara was successfully elected as the President of the largest umbrella organisation for Muslim students in the UK and Ireland – FOSIS (Federation of Student Islamic Societies) – making her the first female leader of its 100,000+ students.

Founded in 1963, FOSIS is a broad and diverse body that aims to serve and represent Muslim students in further and higher education.  It is the backbone of Islamic societies across the country; annually distributing tens of thousands of freshers packs, organising dozens of annual national and international speakers tours, providing outstanding training and continuous support, advice and resources to ISocs / MSAs on a daily basis and organising a variety of socials, dinners, camps and sports tournaments.

Zara sits with Usman to discuss her eventful journey in the lead up to her presidency, her role as a Muslim women in society and as a leader, as well as some of the challenges she faced along the way.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Zara’s story on becoming the first ever female President of FOSIS
  • What inspired Zara to take on such a leading role as a young Scottish Muslim woman
  • The challenges Zara faced on her journey
  • The important factors that are involved in leadership, taking risks and helping to change other’s lives.
  • The importance of self development, maintaining spirituality and keeping good company.
  • Zara’s advice for other young Muslim women with regards to taking on leadership roles and taking risks
  • An assortment of random facts about Zara during the ‘Rapid Fire Round’ of questions at the end of the episode

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Prefer Audio Only? Listen Below:


Zara is regularly invited to speak on panels, participates in community initiatives, and works towards making a positive impact on society.
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Zara Mohammed

Zara Mohammed

President - Federation of Student Islamic Societies (2016/17)

Zara is a graduate with a LLM in Human Rights Law. She has served on the executive team of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) for three years and was elected the first female President or the term 2016-17. Zara has contributed to a number of public consultations including Muslim women and employment, islamophobia, and has spoken at a number of events across the UK and Ireland.

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