In this episode, we’re joined by Shaykh Zoheeb Iqbal – co-founder of the Al Falaah Academy in Scotland.

Al-Falaah Academy is an institute of advanced Islamic education, in the central south side of Glasgow.

While almost all of us feel the “buzz” and spiritual enlightenment that Ramadan brings, we often forget to stop and ponder over the immense rewards and virtues associated with the blessed month. Understanding the purpose of fasting and how beloved it is to Allah SWT will not only motivate us to try harder during Ramadan, but also aim to fast voluntarily throughout the year.



  • How can we get in the correct Ramadan mindset?
  • What can we do if we weren’t fully prepared for Ramadan and now feel slightly overwhelmed?
  • The importance of having a schedule during Ramadan.
  • 5 amazing gifts that Allah SWT gives to the fasting person.
  • What if you’re in despair and feel that your sins are far too much. and that Allah SWT won’t forgive you this month?
  • An incredible story of forgiveness from the time of Prophet Musa (as).
  • How just one small consistent act of worship could completely transform your Ramadan.
  • What if you don’t have time to do lots of extra worship during Ramadan?
  • How transforming your intentions can turn every day activities into an act of worship.
  • What’s more important, reciting the Qur’an in Arabic or reading a translation?
  • And a fun rapid fire round with Shaykh Zoheeb!

Shaykh Zoheeb Iqbal

After completing the six-year intensive Alimiyyah programme at the prestigious College of Higher Islamic Education (Darul Uloom Al Arabiyyah Al Islamiyyah) in Holcombe, Bury (UK), Shaykh Zoheeb co-founded the organisation Al-Falaah with the aim of meeting the growing needs of students and professionals in Scotland.

The progression and expansion of this organisation lead to the establishment of Al Falaah Academy, an institute of advanced Islamic education, in the central south side of Glasgow. 

Find our more about Shaykh Zoheeb here.

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