Part 2 – Spiritual Healing & Transformations

During Part 1 of this two-part podcast, we were joined by Ustadh Wisam Sharieff who shared with us an incredible system for Quranic Transformation.

By combining self-development techniques (mind, body and soul) with supplications from the Quran, as well as a strategic goal setting framework, Ustadh Wisam showed us the tools that will empower us to develop a complete ‘Quranic Lifestyle’ that is unique to us and our lives.

Now in Part 2 we’re diving deeper into the physical components of the transformation system that take into consideration the following:

  1. The postures of prayer
  2. The postures of purity
  3. The postures of request / supplication

Have you ever wondered why the Salah has a bowing or prostrating movement? Or why wudu requires us to wash our limbs in a certain order besides simply cleaning our bodies?

What are the deeper meanings of these actions beyond just the physical rituals?

How does your posture, your breathing, your flexibility, your strength and power all derive from, and dictate, the quality of your worship?

All of this and more is packed into this incredible episode. Grab a notepad and pen!



  • A brief summary of the Quranic transformation system and the 4 steps involved.
  • The single act of worship which incorporates all of these components.
  • How the Prophet (pbuh) used to make du’a.
  • Examples of the physical strength of the Prophet (pbuh) and the spiritual implications of this.
  • Why wudu is NOT just about the water; it’s about you.
  • How to turn wudu into an act of physical therapy and treat it like an act of worship.
  • An emotional reflection on Musa’s (as) conversation with Allah (swt)
  • The approach we should be taking towards making du’a to Allah (swt).
  • How nature can help us connect with Allah (swt) and improve our spirituality.
  • Common mistakes we’re likely making during our Salah (and other acts of worship) with regards to our posture and concentration.
  • How civilisations before Islam used to connect with Allah (swt) through physical modes of spirituality.
  • and more!

About Ustadh Wisam

Wisam Sharieff has been Advocating Quranic Lifestyle for over a decade with thousands of students across the globe.

He’s the creator and primary instructor for  Quran Revolution, an online Quran Learning System through AlMaghrib Institute, which has transformed the way over 2,000 students relate to the Quran — teaching them to read, recite, and retain/memorize the Qur’an, with video lessons, live classes, and weekly homework.

In addition he’s the founder and CEO of AQL, Advocating Quranic Lifestyle, an institute focused on personal development through Quranic recitation, prayer, and supplication—to empower the mind, body, and soul.

Beyond this, Wisam provides hours of free content online through his  YouTube channel—including series like Postures of Prayer, Sunnah Supplements, NOORishment, Quranic Transformations, and Prophetic Dynasty II: Names of Our Nabi. Supporters of Wisam’s Patreon page will be facilitating all the work he does, and enabling him to further develop and producer high-quality series that go beyond basic knowledge, and helps people to improve their lives holistically.

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