As human beings, we experience a variety of powerful emotions in our every day lives. Some bring us pleasure, others confuse us, and many are extremely difficult to bare.

For so many of us, emotions like sadness, anxiety and depression are a part of our lives, dictating the quality of our lives from how we feel, to how we act around others, and how we feel about ourselves.

Is it okay to feel these emotions, or should we feel bad for doing so? Isn’t this a sign of having a lack of faith?

Unfortunately in many communities – including the Muslim community – there can be somewhat of a stigma attached to this subject, making it extra difficult for those experiencing these strong feelings of pain, sadness and anxiety to reach out for help. In fear of being shamed or labelled as having “low Iman”, the same people suffer in silence and sometimes can’t escape.

What does Islam really say about these emotions, and how do we go about managing them?

In this episode, we’re joined by sister Hafsa who shares her journey with some of these emotions, and provides us with some powerful advice and direction on how to accept one’s self and seek help.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The problem with how Muslims perceive sadness, anxiety and other strong emotions.
  • What NOT to say to someone who suffers from sadness or anxiety
  • Why a lack of faith and spirituality is NOT linked with sadness and anxiety
  • Examples of sadness and anxiety in the Qur’an
  • How Allah (swt) validates these powerful feelings and emotions, and why it’s important to accept them.
  • The importance of acknowledging that something is wrong
  • How Hafsa found healing in painting
  • Why not to share your pain with those who’ll bring you down
  • Practical steps on how to begin your journey of healing
  • Plus more

This Episode’s Ayah of the Day

Surah Luqman – [31:29]

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