EP 47: Unlock the Power of Du’a with Your Mindset – feat. Zahra Aljabri

Is Your Attitude Towards Allah and Your Du’as Holding You Back?

This week we’re joined by spiritual mindset coach and founder of Practical Muslim – Zahra Aljabri – to bring a fresh perspective to the topic of du’a (supplication) and our mindset towards Allah, our life goals, and how all of these intertwine to fulfil an important part of a Muslim’s life.

Growing up, perhaps your experiences with du’a so far have been of a transactional nature, i.e. “I will only get X from Allah if I first do Y”, or “I don’t deserve X from Allah because I did Y, and therefore there’s no point in asking from Him”.

This approach to our relationship with Allah is deeply flawed, as in reality, we are comparing the Mercy and Bounty of Allah to that of human beings, which of course isn’t true. Unlike our relationship with family, friends and colleagues, Allah does not operate on the “I will only give you something if you give Me something first” condition.

Similarly, many of us have grown up adopting the mindset that as Muslims, we are “not allowed” to ask for too much when making du’a to Allah, or that we should not strive for “too much” in this dunya, and therefore we should only ask for the absolute bare minimum.

This is in stark contrast to the behaviour and mindset of the greatest people to walk on earth – i.e. the Prophets themselves (may peace be upon them all) – the stories and du’as of whom Allah describes in the Qur’an.

In this episode, Zahra helps us break down the myth that we are not worthy of more, and shares practical tips on how to shift our mindsets so that we are in a better position to ask Allah, and as a result, develop a much deeper, closer relationship with our Lord.

What You’ll Learn

  • An introduction to Zahra Aljabri, her story, and what she does as a coach at Practical Muslim.
  • The typical mindset most Muslims adopt with du’a and why this is limiting them
  • Why our relationship with Allah is not transactional
  • The connection between forgiving yourself and being able to ask Allah for more
  • Examples of Prophets who asked Allah for great materialistic wealth, and the difference between this and normal worldly greed
  • The line between arrogance and humility when asking Allah in our du’as
  • A fun rapid fire round with Zahra – facts you didn’t know about her!

Connect with Zahra & See Her Work

Practical Muslim Instagram: https://instagram.com/practicalmuslim

Zahra’s Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zforzahra/

Coaching site: https://www.practicalmuslim.com/

Islamic Devotionals: https://www.practicalmuslim.com/devotionaldeck/60-devotionals-deck

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About Zahra Aljabri

Zahra is a spiritual mindset and relationship coach who aims to empower bold Muslims to connect with their Divine essence so they can transform their lives & bring in abundant love, peace and wealth.

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