As young students and professionals, many of us spend much of our time searching the internet for the secrets to success. What makes billionaires so successful? What are their routines? Their habits? What could I do to implement their success?

We often forget, however, that Allah (swt) sent a man upon this Earth as the best example for mankind to follow – the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

In this episode, Mohammed Faris joins us to dig deep in trying to understand how Muhammad (pbuh), the most successful man in history, spent his day and the lessons we can extract from his daily habits.

Mohammed Faris is the author of ‘The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity.’ He completed his BSc and MSc in social science and law at the University of Bristol. Over the past few years, Mohammed explored the topic of how Islam can teach us productivity. Through his website, he provides resources and training aligned with Islamic ethics and values to answer that very question.

What You’ll Learn

  • Who is Mohammed Faris?
  • What is Productive Muslim?
  • What’s the big deal with routines, and why should we have one?
  • Is there benefit in following the routines of modern day ‘successful’ people?
  • The morning routine of the Prophet ﷺ – what did he do from the moment he woke up?
  • The importance of strong morning routines and how they can positively change our lives
  • Can a 1400 year old routine apply to us today? What about all of the new challenges we face in the 21st century?
  • Mohammed’s tip on how someone can immediately improve their daily routine
  • Which habit / routine has made the greatest impact on Mohammed’s life
  • What is the free course about the Prophetic Routine on the Productive Muslim website, and how can people access it?

This Week’s Ayah of the Day

And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds. [Qur’an – 21:107]

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“Fantastic podcast MashAllah, incredibly beneficial and candid, not shying away from the issues that the Muslim community needs to hear about! Done very professionally too so I’d definitely share this podcast with friends and family as it’s a great spiritual boost particularly during commutes and whenever you have some free time.” – Shehroze Khan

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‘The Productive Muslim – Where Faith Meets Productivity’

Ever wondered if there’s a practical way to lead a productive lifestyle that combines the best of Islamic tradition and modern psychology and science? In “The ProductiveMuslim” Mohammed Faris, the founder of, provides this practical framework that helps urban global Muslims lead a productive lifestyle ­ Spiritually, Physically, and Socially.

Mohammed Faris

Mohammed Faris

CEO, Leading Productive Lives LLC

Mohammed Faris is a productivity coach, author, and speaker who helps executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs achieve their personal and professional goals whilst maintaining peak performance and balance across their roles.

He’s the founder of and author of the new book “The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity”.

He has delivered seminars and workshops at numerous events in over 15 countries including UK, US, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia as well as featured on international media and on the TEDx stage. Over 20,000 people have attended his workshops and he continues to inspire millions of followers online.

In 2014, the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre added him to the World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims list. And in 2016, the Dubai Government awarded him the 2016 Islamic Economy Award in the Media category for his valuable contribution to the development of the global Islamic Economy.