We all commit sins – it’s just the way that Allah (swt) has created us. Big sins, small sins, in between ones, and we even sin without realising it too!

What’s more frustrating is when we’re stuck in a constant sin cycle. Here’s what it looks like:

  1. You fall into a sin
  2. You feel bad about it
  3. You repent to Allah (swt)
  4. Things are okay for a while
  5. Temptation arises, and you fall into the sin again
  6. You feel bad about it… again.
  7. You repent ….
  8. repeat

How do we free ourselves from this vicious cycle, break our bad habits and turn back to Allah (swt). That’s exactly what you’ll find out in this episode with Shaykh Abdul Hameed.

What you’ll learn:

  • The different types of sins, including 3rd party sins and how others will SUE us on the Day of Judgement
  • The difference between humans and Angels
  • The leaky bucket syndrome
  • the dangers of abusing the Mercy of Allah (swt)
  • Why people keep falling into sin
  • If Shaykh could summarise the entire Qur’an with one phrase, it would be _____
  • The concept of cognitive dissonance
  • What happens if you say “It’s okay to sin, Allah is the Most Merciful He will forgive me”?
  • The biggest punishment in the Hereafter is not Hell, but rather it is…
  • How Ibrahim (as) asked Allah (swt) for a sign
  • What it means to be #SpirituallyHench
  • The importance of good company
  • How to stop yourself from falling back into the sin cycle
  • What to do when a temptation arises (example: watching pornography while alone in your room)
  • How to repent properly and turn back to Allah (swt)
  • Will Allah (swt) forgive you if you keep persisting with the same sin over and over?
  • Plus more

Questions from listeners were also submitted and answered on the show.

In summary, this was a pretty epic and beneficial episode!

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Shaykh Abdul Hameed Ismail

Shaykh Abdul Hameed Ismail

Shaykh Abdul Hameed is a young traditionally trained Islamic scholar from Leicester. He graduated as an Alim from Jamea Uloomul Quran (Leicester) under the patronage of Hazrat Shaykh Adam hafizahullah. He also memorized the Quran during his studies at the institution.  He is very well versed in the Quran and has a unique way of simplifying Quranic passages for a variety of audiences.

The Shaykh also completed his BA honors in social work/psychology. He currently is perusing his Masters in education/ psychology.  He has a passion to work with young people and is part of many organisations to help serve the needs of the youth.

He currently works as a secondary school teacher in a Leicester state school, and also lectures all over the UK and has been invited by many organisations to deliver lectures in different parts of America.

Some of his hobbies include having a huge passion for Martial arts from a young age, and has competed at a high level. He currently still competes in mixed martial arts (MMA) tournaments across the UK. He also has a passion for riding super-sports motorbikes. His young age, unique hobbies, well grounded Islamic knowledge and passion to “reconnect people to the Quran”, allows him to engage with the youth, in order for them to access and practice Islam in a relevant yet simple manner.

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