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Free eBook Packed Full of Tips

The free ’30 Top Tips for Attaining Khushoo’ in Prayer‘ eBook has been designed for easy reading, yet is packed full of practical tips that if implemented, can immediately help you to increase focus during Salah.

From before you begin to perform wudu all the way until after you say your final ‘Salaam’, the eBook provides easy guidelines that will prepare you for the ultimate performance once you step on to the mat.

Simple. Easy. Effective.

  • 30 practical tips on how to focus during Salah
  • Tips for before, during and after the prayer
  • Featuring influential Muslims from around the world
  • 20+ bonus tips + exclusive bonus downloads

Special guests featured in the eBook

• Mifrah Mahroof & Maheen Malik – Muslim Life Hackers Podcast

• Sohaib Saeed- Quranica

• Alima Ashfaq – Women of Ilm

• Sumaira Zaheer – Muslimah Mommy

• Belal Khan – Leechon

• Mohammed Faris – Productive Muslim

• Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar – Islamic Self Help

• Shahbaz Mirza – Ramadan Legacy

• Halima El Khurghali – Quran Rehab

• Omar Esa – Nasheed Artist

• Omar Usman – Fiqh of Social Media

• Abdul Azeem Climie – Pathways to Islam

• Kate Hepburn – Healthy Muslimah

• Shaykh Sajid Umar

• Moutasem Al-Hameedy – Rashidoon

• Zakia Usmani – Believer’s Path

Sheikh Sajid Umar

Shaykh Sohaib Saeed

Mohammed Faris
(Productive Muslim)

Omar Usman
(Fiqh of Social Media)

Moutasem Al-Hameedy

Shaykh Ismail Kamdar
(Islamic Self Help)

Shahbaz Mirza
(Ramadan Legacy)

Omar Esa
(Nasheed Artist)

Belal Khan

Alima Ashfaq
(Women of ‘Ilm)

Mifrah Mahroof
(Muslim Life Hackers)

Ustadha Zakia Usmani
(Believer’s Path)

(plus more)

Kick-start Your Journey Towards Better Salah

Reader Testimonial

“This book will honestly change the way you look and feel about salaah. As a madressah teacher, I’m always looking for engaging and easy to read books for my students, Alhamdulillah I’ve found such a book. Can’t wait to show this book to my students! Such immense value in this book, tabarakallah! I absolutely love the conversational tone which clearly set it apart from any other book written on Khushoo’ and salaah. The book is like a yummy plate of food, you’ll want to savour every minute of it!”

Amran Abdi

(Perth, Australia)

Reader Testimonial

“I loved the flow and structure of the book, the language used was highly engaging and captures the readers attention from start to finish. This book will not bore anyone- it pumps up the reader, making them feel like they can smash it! After reading the book, I felt like it should be renamed to ‘The Art of becoming a Salah Champion!’ There’s literally something for everyone; from teenagers, to mothers, to 9-5 workaholics, or 24/7 entrepreneurs! Bonus tips are also given from contributors from different backgrounds and professions- perfect if you’re in the same field and struggling with same issues (eg. praying at work or praying with a cute, distracting baby rolling around in front of you).  

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is struggling with perfecting their Salah or wants to improve the quality of it. Thumbs up, Usman! Look forward to more from Deenspiration, Insha’Allah!”

Kauthar Abdulalim

(Melbourne, Australia)

Reader Testimonial

“This eBook is a practical and easy guide to making our prayers the best they can be! With bits of humour, the guide is so relatable… it’s like getting advice from a friend! I found myself thinking “Yep! Been there! Mmm-hmm… Guilty!” while I read along. As a new Muslim, sometimes I need reminding that I share some of the same struggles as my born-Muslim brothers and sisters.

It was wonderful to connect with the author’s perspective as a lifelong Muslim, and especially lovely to see a page dedicated to reminding us new guys to take it easy! (Spoiler Alert… Allah SWT does not expect us to be super-Muslims overnight). Mashaallah Brother Usman!”

Marybeth Martin

(Nashville, USA)

Reader Testimonial

“The Kushoo’ tips in this eBook are explained in a fun and relatable manner! It is very different from books I have read previously as it’s very easy to understand and to the point! With the light-hearted humour and relatable scenarios mentioned throughout, it kept me focused and engaged on the tips to help improve my Salah. I would definitely recommended you add this eBook to your reading list as I greatly benefitted from it! Thumbs up!

Tahsina bint Shabbir

(Newcastle, UK)

Reader Testimonial

“Even though I don’t usually read ebooks, the 30 top tips for khushu in Salah ebook is a winner! A great effort has been put in to it to make it easy to implement bit by bit with summaries for each section. Take advantage!”

Ameen (Seera Masters)



Easy to read on-the-go

Download on Web, Mobile or Tablet

The entire eBook has been compiled into a lightweight PDF document which can be saved on your PC, tablet or smartphone for easy acess whenever you want to read it.

Clickable Contents Page

Don’t want to have to scroll through 90+ pages of content to re-read your favourite tips? Head to the contents page and click on any of the chapter headings to skip straight to that page. Simples!

Simpe. Enjoyable. Practical.

The book has been deliberately written in a non-academic fashion. However the tips included still remain highly practical with references from the Qur’an and Sunnah, and also include some light hearted examples and anecdotes to appeal to a wider audience.

Download your free copy now & immediately improve your salah

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