Originally posted on Facebook by sister Maryam Amir



Being close to Allah looks like shortening your recitation of the Quran even when you don’t want to so that you could answer your mom who is asking for your help.

It looks like wishing you had the time to pray sunnah, but not being able to because your newborn needs your immediate attention

It looks like praying in the masjid and wanting to sit for hours to make a deeply heartfelt duaa but having to rush out so you can make it to work on time

Being close to God looks like not fasting sunnah fasts even though you desperately wish you could because your doctor has said it is detrimental for your personal health situation

Our typical image of a “mashaAllah” pious person often looks like someone who spends the day fasting, the night praying, and all the while reading Quran and being secluded in the masjid. That is indeed a great blessing for those who have the time, health and ability to do so.

But a “mashaAllah” pious person is truly also a person who takes care of their life responsibilities, who has wisdom in when to spend time only in personal worship and when to make the intention that their worship is in caring for others because they recognize that “actions are by intention” (Bukhari)

The critical factor is that in all they do- from vacuuming to changing diapers, from paying the bills to caring for elderly parents, from spending hours at work to cramming for exams- they remember it’s for God; that they live for Allah, that the entirety of their life is worship for Allah.

“Say, “Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for God, Lord of the worlds” (Quran 6:162)

A “MashAllah” pious person looks like *you*.



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