For the Seekers – Episode 4

featuring Isra Ashi

Whether you’re studying at University, trying to find your feet at your new job or hustling and bustling throughout your daily life, there’ll be times in which you feel powerless and struggle to find the strength to carry on.

In this week’s video of ‘For the Seekers’, sister Isra (@simply.israa on Instagram) shares some tips on how to find your inner strength in times of difficulty, and how to derive that strength from a strong connection with Allah (swt).

About Isra

Isra is a Dentist by profession as well as a mother.
In her spare time Isra creates content for her instagram page @simply.israa where she aims to simplify topics and issues that we all deal with in our daily lives. She also works with the Youth team in Cardiff and helps run their Instagram pages @duiyouth_girls and @duiyouth.
She recently started to work in a team with World renowned Dr Jasem Al Mutawa managing the new @maeenparenting Instagram page. She loves a cup of tea and some quiet time.

For the Seekers is a new weekly video series on Deenspiration aimed at students, young professionals and all seekers of spiritual, academic and work-life success. Each video contains valuable tips, advice and self-development techniques by a range of influential Muslims.

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