EP 22: The Ultimate Ramadan Tool (For Busy Muslims)

by Usman Majid

It’s that time of year again.

Those spine-tingling Ramadan vibes are taking over you more each day as you realise that the blessed month is just around the corner. The memories of family iftars, heart-melting Taraweeh prayers and the spiritual buzz your soul has been longing for are adding to the anticipation. The thoughts of losing yourself within the pages of the Qur’an by day and praying to your Lord by night are comforting you, knowing that you’ll have another chance to take a break from life and focus on your heart.

But wait! Not so fast…

Aren’t you a busy student, frantically flicking through your books as you drag yourself through exam season? Aren’t you a working professional with more unfinished to-dos than you could care to count? Aren’t you a tired parent stressing out over 1001 things to take care of at home? Aren’t you a teenager with all of those incredibly addictive pastimes, the best of which are releasing just before Ramadan?

At this point you might be feeling slightly overwhelmed thinking, “Hold on, he’s right… how on Earth am I going to have a productive Ramadan with everything that’s going on?”

I feel you, my friend. I feel you. But hey, that’s why you started reading this blog, right? You want a solution?

I gotchu. Keep reading.

Here are 2 facts:

Fact 1: regardless of how busy you are, you CAN still have an epic Ramadan experience.

Fact 2: if you don’t approach Ramadan with a PLAN, you might have an “okay” experience, but it won’t be the most epic, most productive, soul-nourishing experience possible.

What’s that I hear you thinking out loud? “Well Usman, yeah… duh. But HOW do I do that?”

** cue the dramatic (halal) music **

Introducing the Ramadan Legacy Planner

It looks pretty, it looks fancy, but what is it? What does it do? And most importantly, how will it help you this Ramadan? Take a read of how Ramadan Legacy describes this planner:
A powerful and inspiring, all-encompassing Ramadan planner designed to take you on a step-by-step meaningful journey to help you achieve your biggest goals, create your 30-day action plan, and have a life-changing Ramadan. It’s more than just a planner. It inspires you to become the best version of yourself and gives you a step-by-step guide on how to achieve that. 

What’s Inside?

Start with the Ramadan Journey Guide

  • Ramadan Journey Guide: Inspirational knowledge that you need to internalize the purpose of Ramadan
  • Significance of Ramadan: An in-depth explanation of the meaning of Ramadan and the significance of the month
  • Key Stages of Ramadan: Beautiful highlights of the key stages of Ramadan in terms of its spiritual depth and importance in your life
  • Unlock Treasures of Ramadan: How to embark on the perfect Ramadan journey of success and barakah!

A Powerful 5-stage Ramadan Preparation Exercise

  • Unique Ramadan Preparation Exercises: Understand where you are with your faith, where you want to go and how to get there through our powerful, practical and inspiring prep steps
  • Your Story of Ramadan: Self-reflect before Ramadan begins on everything that’s happened since last Ramadan and the key changes you want to make
  • Discover Your Spiritual Passions: Next, you go through a spiritually tingling discover your spiritual passions exercise, write down all those things to make you passionate about your faith
  • Master Du’a List: Create a master du’a and wish list for all the things you want to ask Allah in Ramadan
  • Ramadan Vision & Goals: Finally, you set your Ramadan vision and break that down into actionable goals you can achieve in the month

Mighty Routines to Maximise Your Blessings

  • Practical Footsteps: Never miss an act of worship; it provides you with easy to implement practical steps to maximise your blessings
  • Qur’an Plan: A simple and effective dedicated Qur’an plan that suits your lifestyle and goals
  • Taraweeh Tips: Special tips on how to pray each night with meaning and khushoo
  • Ramadan Survival Guide: What to do when you encounter those low points during the holy month
  • Charity Guide: Simplifying the types of charity in Ramadan and when to give whether you have money or not
  • Authentic Du’as: Know what to recite and when to recite it to gain all those special rewards

A Structured 30-Day Ramadan Action Plan

  • Structured 30-Day Action Plan: Featuring a daily checklist of prayers, reading, and worshipping activities alongside a daily knowledge card, daily deed, and daily actionable goals to achieve your vision for Ramadan!
  • Personal Reflection Check-ins: It gives you space to breathe along the way every 10-days to make sure you are on track for a successful and transformational Ramadan
  • Daily Prayer Card: It’s more than just ticking boxes, every day it provides an in-depth knowledge card to learn about the spiritual transformation and depth of prayer, so by the end of Ramadan you can pray more meaningfully!
This is without doubt the best, most thoughtful, passion-driven, practical Ramadan Planner I’ve ever come across – (say mashaAllah).

So, the important question:


Literally 1000s of planners have been pre-ordered within just a couple of weeks, and with international orders already having sold out, folks in the UK should be quick to get their hands on the last few remaining copies!

In order to bag one in time for the blessed month, click here to pre-order your Ramadan Legacy Planner.

Still want to look further inside?

Click below to open the interactive flip-book to explore the entire planner.

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