For the Seekers – Episode 2

featuring Zara Mohammed

Throughout life we will inevitably experience highs and lows both in faith and our everyday lives including at work, school, with friends and everything in between. In this episode of ‘For the Seekers’, the inspirational Zara Mohammed shares 5 internal ‘monsters’ – or limiting beliefs – that are holding you back from unleashing your potential and achieving success in this life, and the life Hereafter. Along with these, Zara also provides some life changing advice to help you make long-lasting changes and transform your life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What these 5 limiting beliefs are
  • Practical tips for overcoming these beliefs
  • Life changing advice on how to challenge yourself
  • The connection between these limiting beliefs and your spirituality
  • Personal stories from Zara’s own experience

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For the Seekers is a new weekly video series on Deenspiration aimed at students, young professionals and all seekers of spiritual, academic and work-life success. Each video contains valuable tips, advice and self-development techniques by a range of influential Muslims.

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About Zara Mohammed

Zara is a graduate with a LLM in Human Rights Law. She has served on the executive team of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) for three years and was elected the first female President or the term 2016-17. She is currently Assistant Secretary General at the Muslim Council of Britain.

Zara has contributed to a number of public consultations including Muslim women and employment, islamophobia, and has spoken at a number of events across the UK and Ireland. She is passionate about empowering young people and supporting women in her community.