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In today’s episode of the Deenspiration podcast show, Usman shares an epic technique called ‘Walking Dhikr’ which allows you to add a WHOLE lot more worship to your day. The great thing about it is that it’s super easy. In fact, if you can walk, you’re half way there!

Yup! If you do any form of walking during the day (which pretty much all of us do!) then you can most definitely implement this technique.

How it works

Walking Dhikr involves taking your favourite phrase of Dhikr, breaking it down into smaller chunks / syllables, and assigning each chunk to a step.

Wait, what?!

It sounds weird, but really, it’s easy!

When we walk, it creates a little rhythm – a beat. What we’re essentially doing with this technique is following the beat, while reciting the phrase at the same time. When done correctly, both the rhythm of our footsteps and the phrase of Dhikr create a nice flow. It makes taking those steps and walking even more fun and rewarding.

Still confused? Listen to the episode above for a full explanation. You’ll be joining in within no time InshaAllah!

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Go ahead, try it!

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