In this episode we’re join by Shaykh Ibraheem Menk from Zimbabwe, who we met during the ‘Lord of the Worlds’ tour in Scotland, hosted by the Scottish Annual Conference.

Continuing on from theme of the conference, and adding on to his existing YouTube series ‘Lord of the Worlds’, we discussed some attributes of Allah (swt) and the importance of knowing Allah’s Names in order to establish a stronger connection and love for Him.

Shaykh Ibraheem also shares a beautiful reminder regarding treating Allah as a close friend, and why we should never despair if the answers to our prayers are delayed.

Of course, we also have our usual rapid fire round featuring some fun personal questions aimed at Shaykh Ibraheem in which you’ll learn what his favourite hobby is, his relationship with his uncle Mufti Ismail Menk, and much more!

What You’ll Learn

  • The importance of studying the Names of Allah (swt)
  • The meaning of the following attributes of Allah (swt): Al Haafidh, Al Hafeedh, Al Mujeeb and Al Qareeb
  • What inspired Shaykh Ibraheem to launch the Lord of the Worlds series
  • Why you should never think that “Allah isn’t answering my du’as”
  • Common reasons for why we fall into despair regarding Allah’s plans
  • Advice for those of us who think we do not deserve Allah’s mercy
  • Why there is no “perfect” time to call upon Allah (swt)
  • Tips on how to learn more about the 99 Names of Allah
  • A fun rapid fire round!

About Shaykh Ibraheem Menk

Ibraheem Menk, born in Harare Zimbabwe, began his first Islamic studies with his grandfather Sh. Musa Menk. He completed his hifth under the supervision of Sh Musa and went on to study Arabic and other Islamic sciences with him.He then furthered his studies at the Islamic University of Madinah where he obtained a bachelors degree in the Shariah. He currently resides in Harare where he is Imaam and teacher at some of the local Masaajid.Quran Audio by Shaykh Ibraheem Menk can be heard on Quran Central.

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Scottish Annual Conference serves the community through educational Islamic conferences, in order to enrich the learning environment of the Scottish community and supports reputable charities for their Aid Projects. Their journey began back in 2017 with the first conference in Glasgow Central Mosque. Later with the hard work of their dedicated team and the support from local community, they formally launched as Scottish Annual Conference in 2018.




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